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- The Heart SMART Program

Elmora Hills' Heart SMART program represents a breakthrough in post-acute cardiac care. The program is the first of its kind in a post-acute setting, providing outstanding treatment for a range of cardiac conditions, including congestive heart failure, post-myocardial infarction, post-coronary artery bypass and valve replacement, and post-cardiac catheter intervention.

The Heart SMART program was developed in conjunction with top cardiac physicians and nurses, and is affiliated with area hospitals. The program is unparalleled in its clinical focus and capabilities, cutting edge equipment, and specially trained staff. Significantly, the program also features extensive and effective patient education, as well as a strong emphasis on preventing hospital readmissions.

Some important features of the Heart SMART Program include:

  • IV Medication - Heart SMART caregivers, under the general oversight of the Program Advisor, are trained and skilled in the administration of intravenous cardiac medications, including Lasix via IV push. This allows hospitals to discharge their CHF and other cardiac patients to a post-acute setting with confidence.
  • Clinical capabilities - The Heart SMART program offers the unique combination of outstanding post-acute care and cardiac care, addressing patients' primary cardiac needs as well as their co-morbidities. The program addresses the complete scope of patient needs, including physical, social, dietary, psychological, and post-discharge healthy lifestyle maintenance.
  • Specially trained staff - The Heart SMART program’s staff is under the supervision of a cardiologist and is staffed by specially trained caregivers familiar with cardiologist’s and primary physicians’ protocol.
  • intense patient education - The Heart SMART program effectively trains patients to recognize the onset of early warning symptoms and to contact their caregivers immediately. Patients are also educated and coached in adapting healthy diet patterns and lifestyles, thus greatly reducing the risk of readmission.
  • readmission prevention - The Heart SMART program is geared toward preventing readmissions both in the short term and post-discharge.
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